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About us


Our Story

It is thought-provoking that health is just like money; we do not realize its value until we lose it! It is a proven fact that as the world is seeing advancement in every part of life, new diseases are being discovered, and viruses are getting mutated.

Leon and Etsuko, two individuals live in Las Vegas, Nevada, envisioned making their chunk of contribution towards creating awareness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle to the masses. They are among those who have realized that to be healthy and resistant to the harmful diseases and dangerous viruses, we need to keep the level of nutrients and supplements intact to boost the immunity.

To create an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and passion for helping humanity, Leon and Etsuko created “LIFE OF GENKI.” ‘GENKI”, a Japanese word that means good health and spirit, perfectly reflects the purpose of the business, visualized by founders.

About Life of Genki

Our business was founded on the principle to enhance the quality of nutritious supplements, so you can strengthen your immune system and stay healthy. We are committed to educating society on how good health can raise your spirit and lead your life towards happiness through our products.

We firmly believe that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is turning out to be the worst pandemic for our country, unfortunately, it is our moral duty now to fight it together by staying safe and keeping our loved ones safe. “Life of GENKI” emphasizes the importance of staying healthy in these turbulent times.


We are suppliers of health-friendly raw materials for dietary supplements that provide essential nutrients to your body that keep you fit and boost your resistance towards dangerous viruses. We are committed to supplying the best raw ingredients. Not only the best but also the ones who carry good health benefits such as mushrooms. One such natural component that “Life of GENKI” proudly supplies are “Chaga Mushrooms.”


At GENKI, we are suppliers of some of the best quality ingredients used in dietary supplements. Our primary focus is medicinal mushrooms, especially Chaga Mushrooms, because of its rich benefits. With Rigorous quality checks, laser-sharp customer focus, and competitive price, “Life of Genki” has made its mark in the industry and strives to stand out from the crowd.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be a top-quality supplier of the best raw materials for dietary supplements. We aim to create health awareness and play our part in building a healthy society by injecting quality into our whole value chain, from procurement to end-customer.

Why Us

Since the beginning of the business, we are committed to high standards of quality. Being a responsible supplier, we acknowledge and understand the importance of our product in producing health-related supplements and medicines. Strict measures on each step of our supply chain have enabled us to meet the high standards. The following attributes help "Life of Genki" gains its customers' trust and welcome new customers.

Reliable Procurement

To make sure our raw material meets the necessary standards, we have honed our procurement function efficiently. To ensure the same quality and smooth operations, we treat our professional harvesters as one team. They are our trusted partners who harvest 100% wild craft raw materials and meet our requirements proficiently hence enabling us to build a reliable procurement function.

Top Standard Packing Facility

Due to its nature, our raw materials are paid special attention throughout the process. We handle it with care at each logistic point, so make sure its quality is preserved. At our registered food processing facility, which meets all the necessary industry requirements, We carefully pack and make the shipments ready for on-time delivery.

Research and Innovation

Experts in our research department take pride in working on the "KAIZEN" philosophy, which says "continuous improvement." We strive to come up with innovative ways to bring more ingredients that induce more incredible health benefits. We are committed to adding more healthy items to our product line.

Quality over Quantity

To meet demand, most manufacturers have shifted towards mass production. Hence there is an inevitable drop in standards. At 'Life of Genki,' we value quality over quantity. For us, health-related products are to help humanity, not a money-making ball game. This principle has led us to gain our customers' trust and has motivated us to raise the bar of quality with time.

Health-Focused Business

Besides supplying health-related raw materials, 'Life of GENKI' aims to become an institution that works to elevate health awareness at all ages. With ongoing pandemic times, we are dedicated to encouraging the lifestyle that includes exercising to keep you fit and healthy eating to keep your immune system vigilant. We firmly believe that health is the wealthiest asset one can have, and it brings positivity and happiness around you and keeps you smiling.